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Explorer. Deep Thinker. Creative. Passionate. Daring. Different. Cambrea Roy is a designer specializing in a broad area of mediums. Raised and trained from an early age to be a fine artist, she has exquisite skills in drawing, painting, and a technique that gives her designs an edge unlike others.

Cambrea is a recent graduate of Kutztown University with a BFA in Communication Design. Her focus is on graphic design and interactive design. She is currently a designer in Austin, Texas. While in college, she completed several internships in print, web, and design that have allowed her to gain experience with seasoned professionals. She has an eye for design and is talented in UX/UI design, web coding, branding, logo design, print design, poster design, illustration, typography and photography. Cambrea has a broad set of skills that do not just end at design. She is also a self-taught musician and singer who plays the ukulele and guitar. She is a Hula Hoop dancer and loves tacos.

• She has spatial sequence synesthesia (which kind-of makes her a time traveler).
• She once lived in a castle.
• As a child, she irish-step danced with her family.
• She was a portrait artist at Hershey Park.
• She's publicly sang italian operas, solo.